In addition to general psychotherapy services, we offer the following specialized programs

More info to come about group psychotherapy...

Clinical Services

For any additional services not featured on our website, please call to inquire. We are happy to help you find the care you need.

Trauma Services

Offered individually and in groups EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma informed Yoga therapy, crisis intervention, first responder trauma treatment, psychological first aid.

Off-Site and Corporate Trauma Services

Crisis Intervention, Disaster Response, Critical Incident Debriefing, Psychological First Aid

Trauma Team

Wendy Keller, LCSW, Robyn Sellet, LCSW, Lynda Bera, LCSW, Katey McCormick, LMHC, Loucricia Brown, LCSW

Addiction Treatment

Individual and group addiction treatment interventions: direct care for those diagnosed with substance or addiction related condition, services for families (parents, children, spouses, loved ones) coping with addiction, collaborative interventions for patients receiving medically assisted treatment (methadone, suboxone, vivitrol), OASAS approved Impaired Driver Assessments and treatment, information on narcan, on-site drug testing, collaboration with legal entities and mandates as required (court, probation, parole, DSS)

Off-site and corporate services

Educational and lecture series: addiction signs and symptoms, disease concept of addiction, how to manage, what kind of help is available, where to get help

Addictions Team

Wendy Keller, LCSW, Lynda Bera, LCSW, Robyn Sellet, LCSW, Joan Kaplan, LCSW