Our Providers

BHSHV is a private psychotherapy practice located in Newburgh NY. We collaborate and co-locate with a diverse team of professionals including psychiatrists, licensed social workers and licensed mental health counselors. Our providers and associates are independently licensed, insured and maintain active membership in and affiliations with professional organizations such as the American Medical Association, National Association of Social Workers, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association.

BHSHV is established in response to the area’s growing need for mental health and substance abuse services in a private setting. Since its inception, BHSHV has grown to include the collaborative services of several practitioners each with many years of experience in a variety of treatment settings including, but not limited to private practice. As such, we are able to directly provide or refer to several practice specialties at several area locations. All practices located at our Newburgh office are managed by Behavioral Health Management Services.

Our associated providers include :


Renata Krymkevich, MD

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Krymkevich is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She is an established leader in the field of psychiatry and is a resource to independent practitioners throughout the Hudson Valley. Dr. Krymkevich's office is located in New Windsor NY. "Dr. K" brings a wealth of leadership experience to the area. Having spent many years in various leadership positions in all levels of care, including chief and chairman of the department of psychiatry at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital treating a wide range of clinical issues, she has turned her attention to providing high level community based services in a private setting.

Dr. K's private office is located at 1 Jaqueline Place, New Windsor, NY, 12553


Salil Kathpalia, MD

Board Certified in Psychiatry, Dr. Kathpalia has been a practicing psychiatrist since 1984. An established leader, he has functioned as Director of Psychiatry, Director of Mental Health Services and Clinical Services in multiple community based organizations over time while maintaining an active role in the provision of direct care. Dr. Kathpalia is a member of the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association as well as the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. After 30 years of dedicated service to community based service organizations and in response to the growing need for psychiatric services in a private setting, Dr. Kathpalia co-locates and works collaboratively with Behavioral Health Services of the Hudson Valley at our Newburgh office. Decades of practice working with diverse populations in a broad range of clinical settings contribute to his value as a leader and care provider.


Wendy Keller, LCSW

A graduate of Columbia University, Wendy (Affron) Keller has been a licensed practitioner since 1997. With over 20 years of leadership experience in mental health and chemical dependency settings, Wendy functions as BHSHV’s Administrative Director in addition to maintaining a significant role in the provision of direct care.

Wendy's specialty areas include post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and dependency, personality disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders, mood disorders. Her clinical approaches include insight-oriented, CBT, DBT, psychodynamic and EMDR. Additionally, Ms. (Affron) Keller has extensive experience in individual, group, couples and family psychotherapy.


Brenda Jones, LCSW

Earning her Master’s degree in 1989, Brenda possesses over 20 years in mental health and 20+ years of experience in chemical dependency. She has experience primarily in community based clinical outpatient settings prior to joining us at BHSHV. As such, Brenda has developed proficiency in all areas of mental health service. She has significant experience in the provision of individual, group and family psychotherapy; areas of interest include women’s issues, medical and health, relationships, anxiety and depression.


Joan P. Kaplan, LCSW

A graduate of Columbia University, Joan Kaplan has been a licensed practitioner since 1999. With over 34 years of leadership experience in community organization, health and human services, Joan brings a wealth of experience to her clinical practice. For the past 11 years, she has built a diversified clinical foundation, working in a variety of mental health settings. In 2001, she began to practice privately as well. Joan's specialty areas include post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and dependency, anxiety and depressive disorders. Additionally, Ms. Kaplan has extensive experience in individual, couples, group and family psychotherapy.


Katey Gagnidze-McCormick, LMHC

Katey is a master’s level psychologist and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 32 years of experience in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. She completed her graduate and post-graduate studies in psychology with highest honors from Tbilisi State University. Her practice in clinical psychology started with geriatrics; she worked as a scientific research fellow in psychology at the Experimental and Clinical Research Institute of Therapy in her home town of Tbilisi, Georgia. From the period of 1985 to 1998 she published over 20 scientific research papers in psychology internationally, and co-authored a book. She has proven herself as an exceptional organizer and coordinator of scientific symposiums, seminars, and conferences. At that same time Katey was practicing psychotherapy helping individuals, families, and couples. In 1999 she immigrated to the United States. Here, she continued to work in diversified clinical and forensic settings. Her experience includes substance abuse treatment, geriatrics, clinical and forensic psychology. Katey has utilized her vast knowledge and experience in vocational/rehabilitation counseling, psycho-diagnostics, and psychological evaluation to serve population who struggle with substance abuse problems, people with criminal backgrounds, and individuals with special needs. In 2010 Katey joined the BHSHV. She is the only trilingual (Georgian, Russian) clinician. Katey is trained in various psychotherapeutic modalities including psychodynamic (classical psychoanalysis, Jungian analysis, and group psychoanalysis) psycho-synthesis, transactional analysis, CBT, DBT, body-mind integrative therapy, and humanistic-existential analysis. She is also a certified yoga instructor. Katey is currently on her third and final year of training towards her Somatic Experiencing® certification. Her expertise includes anxiety and panic disorders, PTSD, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, psychometrics, and psychological evaluation. She works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Katey also facilitates groups in DBT skills training and Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness.      


Katie Carson, LCSW

Ms. Carson joins us with a wealth of highly specialized experience in both direct care and as a community educator. Katie has extensive experience working with children and families in general and specifically with those affected by trauma, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Her work encompasses phases of treatment from crisis and emergency intervention to processing and recovery. Katie applies family and systems approach to care; she has specialized training in trauma based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). She earned her degree at Adelphi University in 2008 and joins us at BHSHV in August of 2012.


Christy Driscoll, LCSW

Christy Driscoll is a dually licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Nurse who brings a uniquely bio-psycho-social perspective to her treatment with patients. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MSW from NYU (1999) and Summa Cum Laude with a BSN from NYU (2007). Christy has extensive experience treating children, adults, couples and families and has served as a professional consultant to other clinicians. In addition to her clinical work, she has coauthored a book chapter on adolescent group therapy and participated in NYU sponsored research projects testing interventions to increase parenting self-confidence in mothers. Christy is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society of Nursing, and the National Association of Social Workers.


Leonora Lovell, LCSW

Leonora Lovell earned her undergraduate degree from Long Island University in 1985 in Psychology and Art Therapy and her Master’s degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University in 1995. With over 30 years experience in the mental health field, Leonora brings a wealth of experience to BHSHV. Her extensive and diversified experiences contribute to her ability to provide excellent care to those she works with.

In addition to her clinical work, Leonora has maintained several leadership and consulting positions over time in community service organizations throughout New York State. She is experienced in working with individuals, adolescents, groups, families and couples with expertise in areas of family therapy, crisis intervention, long and short term therapeutic counseling services.


Jessica Fritz, LMHC

Jessica Fritz is a NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor and holds a Master’s Degree from The State University of New York at New Paltz. She specializes in treating eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, PTSD, women’s issues, substance abuse, and young adults. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and utilizes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Person Centered Therapy approaches within her practice. Additionally, Ms. Fritz has extensive professional experience in individual and group psychotherapy.


Jacqueline Johnson, DSW

Earning a master's degree at Columbia University, Jackie Johnson has been in the mental health field for over 20 years, including work in direct practice, supervision, administration and social policy. Jackie recently completed her Doctorate in Social Work, the result of an ongoing commitment to the field and to professional development.  Based on each individual client’s needs, her preferred modalities of treatment include psychodynamic and psychoanalytic, classic CBT and the third wave CBT modalities (DBT, ACT), transactional analysis, trauma-focused modalities, and mindfulness. She has extensive experience working with a number of different populations, including mandated clients and those with legal involvement and sex offense and domestic violence histories, substance abuse, severe and persistent mental illness, and clients with trauma histories. Jackie’s scope of practice includes working with adolescents, adults and couples in individual, family and group treatment settings. Her approach also includes comprehensive case management in order to assist clients in integrating and maximizing their progress to other areas of their life.


Jim Allison, LCSW

Jim started his career in the mental health field in 1998 working in direct care and as a discharge planner in a residential treatment facility. He received his MSW from Fordham University in 2004. Jim went on to do clinical work in the community with children, adolescents, and families who were at risk of out of home placement. He has also worked with adults affected by HIV, adolescents in group homes as well as adolescents and adults in correctional settings. Through his education and work history he has gained extensive clinical training in modalities such as structural family therapy, non-directive play therapy, CBT, DBT, psychodynamic theory, EMDR, crisis intervention and alcohol and substance abuse treatment. Jim applies an eclectic approach to treatment taking into account the individual needs and strengths of each client in order to identify and achieve their desired goals. His specialties include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, psychotic disorders, substance abuse, processing grief and trauma, life transitions, stress reduction, phobias, behavior modification and anger management. Jim also operates a private practice in Kingston NY.


Denise Morales, LCSW

A leader in the community, Ms. Morales has over 20 years of experience in providing care in the health and human services industry. In addition to providing direct care, she has functioned as Director of Behavioral Health Services for two of the area’s largest healthcare providers and has maintained leadership positions in clinical service since 1998. After more than 2 decades of service in community based organizations, and in recognition of the growing need for psychotherapy services in a private setting, she is pursuing private practice. Ms. Morales has extensive experience in working with a broad range of mental health conditions and in treating individuals, couples, families and groups from children to geriatrics. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and can provide care in either language. Ms. Morales joins our practice effective April, 2015.


Michael McDonnell, LMHC, CASAC

A native of County Cork in Ireland, Michael established his home here in the Hudson Valley. As both a licensed mental health counselor and certified substance abuse counselor, his experience in working with dual diagnosis and complex clinical presentations is extensive. Michael has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings and is well versed in the provision of all aspects of care from case management to psychotherapy, offering individual, group, couples and family counseling. He specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bi-polar, anger management, substance abuse, trauma, grief/loss and personality disorders. Michael’s evidence based treatment approaches include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Psychodynamic Theory, Person-Centered Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Michael’s style embraces a perspective that fosters healing within oneself in order to develop and realize personal potential. Michael joins us as a private practitioner effective April, 2015. Mike also operates a private practice in Goshen, NY.


Caroline Melcer, LCSW

A graduate of Columbia University, Caroline has treated individuals with anxiety, depression, OCD, oppositional defiant disorder, impulse control disorder, martial issues and coping challenges resulting from medical illness. Caroline is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Parent Management Training (PMT) and is also a trained sexual health educator for individuals with disabilities. For the past 5 years, she has specialized in working with individuals and families with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Caroline has devoted significant clinical time to running groups for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder with specific focus on development of social skills, healthy relationships and sexuality for this population.


Lynda Bera, LCSW

Lynda earned her Master’s Degree at SUNY Albany in 2010 and possesses over 15 years of experience in the mental health field, providing direct care to diverse populations in a broad range of clinical and community based treatment settings. Committed to individualized care, she applies a person-centered approach to the treatment of multiple conditions including substance use disorders, depression, generalized anxiety, and mood disorders. Lynda is trained in CBT, including Schema Therapy, and DBT with a strong focus on mindfulness, and motivational interviewing. Lynda has significant experience in both individual and group therapy and she works with adults, adolescents, and couples. Additionally, Lynda is NYS OASAS approved for Impaired Driver Assessments.


Robyn Sellet, LCSWR

Robyn received her graduate degree from Florida State University and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Hudson Valley region for over 25 years. Robyn has significant experience as both a leader and practitioner in the behavioral health care field. Robyn’s principles of treatment derive themselves from the perspective that all individuals have strengths and abilities, and can reach and maintain their own optimal functioning and potential. It is within that philosophy and framework that assists the individuals she works with to realize their own unique potential and make sustained changes in their lives. Robyn has particular expertise in working with individuals with depressive disorders, Bi-Polar and related disorders, and addictive disorders. Robyn has extensive experience in working with couples, individual, and family work.


Christina Coviello, LMHC

Christina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master’s Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz.  She applies an eclectic approach to her work with adolescents, adults and families that pulls from CBT, DBT and psychodynamic therapies.  She provides therapy to individuals with a wide range of disorders and specializes in treating depression, anxiety disorders, grief and LBGTQ issues.  Her work with clients focuses on insight and coping skill building to understand their unique problems and affect change in their lives.